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* <-- Rick Moen is still Rick Moen
* <-- turns out their endpoint software is freely available (but not open source). I threw a copy in a container and developed against that. turns out my wifi is decent
* <-- I reverse engineered
* <-- meanwhile, in Duluth.
* <-- learn about leaking allll the data
* <-- Oooh
* <-- A one-hour D&D one-shot adventure with Matthew Mercer and Stephen Colbert
* <-- May Resigned
* <-- google translate says "life hack"
* <-- see also
* <-- this looks like a pretty good middle-ground between the straitjacket of strict delimiters and the nested madness of CSV
* <-- Boom!
* <-- wow, I had no idea that coffee could be objectively graded on a scale of worst to best, and that I'm a terrible person if I like coffee which is less than the best
* <-- cute
* <-- they have guns now.
* <-- fuzzie
* <-- c/t
* <-- behold and despair, the inner square is completely different now
* <-- I saw Adam Savage's live show when it was in town a few years ago, and its recurring theme was air pressure
* <-- series finale of the UK is quite a ride this season
* <-- or if you prefer, a slight variation.
* <-- breathtaking
* <-- I am intrigued by blue robot naughty bits, but not enough to pay to see them

dumont, master of the io tower clickolinko was created by Neale Pickett, who was too modest to credit himself.
Sean Neakums, who butchered clickolinko after installing it on flynn, does not suffer from that problem.
Props to the usual gang of idiots for ideas, suggestions, testing and shouting.