Have you seen the Big Smoking Fish?

Q: Why does Charlie Tuna look so sad?

A: He can't find the Big Smoking Fish.

The Big Smoking fish were one of the best clans in the early days of the Quake I community back in the late 1990s. In the early days, they consisted of Big Bubba, Ben Dover, Schroedinger, Scud, and Jack. More players were added and some left, they fought in several tournaments, and finally trickled off into who knows where.

I'm Jack-BSF, and all these years later, I wish I knew where they were. I know that Ben Dover used to work for US Robotics in Chicago, but he talked of moving back to Hawaii. I know that Schroedinger went to the University of Urbana-Champaign, but where he went from there who knows. Big Bubba was a student at Georgia Tech, but I think he left school. I'd love to "see" those guys again, and maybe meet up for some old-school fraggin'. If you know where these guys are now, or better yet if you are one of the former Big Smoking Fish, please drop me a line.