skates sharpened and repaired

is a recording project undertaken by peter a. peterson of poplar, wisconsin to record songs and put them online. Some time in the future, the endeavor (or parts of it) will be available on cd. But that might not be for a few years.

The goal of the project is to record and assemble songs focusing less on technical perfection and production values than on creativity, immediacy, and performance, trying to capture the life of the songs and the people recording them. I think that in some ways, this requires much more of the performer, because it requires real soul to make that moment in time tangible to the listener. I'm not going to say that I'm capable of doing that... but that's the idea.

Click here to see what's been recorded, to read my comments, download music, and see more song-specific info.

Over here is a brief explanation of the project and it's beginnings, as well as the current slated hardware and instruments to be used. And right here is a list of songs p.a. would like to record for this project, but may or may not get to. Finally, there is a pile of photos you can peruse that may or may not be related to the recordings.

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