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Ever since we recorded "Last Transmission," we've tossed around the idea of recording it again with a full band and extra instrumentation. But Ben's moving away from Chicago and our own other side projects got in the way of that goal. Now, however, we live just 6 blocks away from each other, and find ourselves with a wealth of old and new friends, musical resources, and the time to spend rerecording this project. So it's time to get cracking.

The first step is to release this stuff on the web, which we should have done a long time ago. The next step is that we're going to remix the original four-track masters with some effects, etc., clean up the print, etc. It will be sort of "Last Transmission from Starbase XY003 -- Special Edition." In fact, I think we just discovered the name. This "Special Edition" will be printed to CD and will be for sale through this website. We haven't really discussed what kind of .ogg/.mp3 release we'll have, but I'm sure some, if not all of the LTFSX Special Edition, will be available online as well. Don't get us wrong: we're not doing it for the money, but it'd be fun to be able to print CDs, which we can only do if people want to buy them.

Once that's all done, we'll begin the process of rerecording the songs with fuller instrumentation. We have already started practicing and dusting off the old songs, as well as brainstorming about the new directions we want to take the opera in. Be on the lookout for country bass on "The Good Ol' Boys," a crazier "Captain Caligula (with gospel vocals)," a string quartet, a choir, a Fender Rhodes, a Dodge Fender, other assorted drums, real kazoos, and hopefully a theremin. It's very exciting for us, because this is something we love -- and having the ability to work with our friends on a project like this, outside of the constraints of school, etc., it's just very inspiring. But I digress.

Another cool aspect of doing this is that we're in a place now to start doing full-band performances of XY003 -- putting together the touring opera, so to speak, including full band and instrumentalists. We've both played in different bands over the past few years, and doing this for unsuspecting audiences is a very tantalizing prospect. Chicago has a bunch of cool places to play and a musical scene that I think would dig this. If/when that happens, we'll post dates on this site.

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