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(sealed under the terms of order #990-J25)

On December 11th, 3343, Starbase XY003 apparently fell to the hands of viciously territorial aliens. No one knows quite what happened, or how the Calrissian boys managed to sneak this signal through the alien's jamming technology -- all we have is their mysterious melodic testimony.

And the questions are endless: Were they trying to send us a message, encoded in tune? Were the absurd lyrics encrypted messages sent to warn Star Command? Were they just delirious? Were they just a couple of down-home boys who couldn't resist a good tune and a microphone? The Galaxy may never know.

These files are the full "Last Transmission from Starbase XY003" sent by Bo and Luke Calrissian shortly before their apparent deaths. It has been broken into nine (9) segments for easier retreival.

[[[[ live bootleg of april 2002 show ]]]]

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AUDIO FILES [ogg] [mp3]
!. Complete Album Archive (~50M) .tar .zip
1. Calibration Overture .ogg .mp3
2. Just the Good Ol' Boys .ogg .mp3
3. Two Girls is Better Than None .ogg .mp3
4. Biologically Impossible .ogg .mp3
5. Let Me Be Your Chachi .ogg .mp3
6. Captain Caligula .ogg .mp3
7. Love Song for Boba Fett .ogg .mp3
8. Down-home, Cosmic, Earthling Barbecue .ogg .mp3
9. Blackout On The Starbase .ogg .mp3
X. XMMS Playlist File .ogg .mp3

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